The Original History Boars!

“And there came that year a   force in the West.”

  Chronicles of Gracchus

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"The sea is their school of war and the storm their friend; they are sea-wolves that live on the pillage of the world"

They came from the sea bringing fire, death and destruction first to Weymouth and then to the monks of Lindisfarne. The black-sailed ships stood high out of the water and armed with shield, sword, and axe they raided the shores of Anglo-Saxon Britain.

These were the Vikings!

We are Hildsvin and we faithfully recreate the Saxon & Viking cultures of the Dark Ages in re-enactments and Living History demonstrations. Whether you join us & re-live the lives of our ancestors or see us at one of the many events we attend through the year, you can be sure that your life will never be quite the same again.

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