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Shows, Events, etc;

Hildsvin offers you the opportunity to make your show or event stand out from any other. We can offer you a display specifically tailored to your event and budget; anything from a single individual to a full Warband or tented Living History village complete with crafts people, warriors, and equipment.

The heart of our main display is an encampment, or village, with historically authentic costumes and props maintained throughout the opening hours of your event. Your visitors are encouraged to come and talk to us, try on equipment, handle the weapons, play the games, and try out some of the crafts our ancestors practised. Our combat displays are customised to your requirements. If there was a relevant historical battle, incident or skirmish in your area then we can mount a re-enactment of it which adds to the excitement and involvement for your visitors. We guarantee that you will get value for money and a great experience that you and they will never forget.

On top of this, at the end of the main arena combat at shows and events we can offer “Kiddie Vike.” This is an opportunity for children under 11 years old, with parental permission, to come into the arena, learn some basic skills, then armed with soft weapons and shields do battle with our warriors. It is a perennially popular activity that the children and their parents love, affording opportunities for the adults to record their children enjoying a once in a lifetime opportunity.

We are available for events throughout the year and our hire charges are extremely reasonable. We don’t quote fees on the site as the cost will depend on what you want, how much equipment, people and travelling will be required. We operate on a non-profit basis, endeavouring to only cover our costs and we have always been able to negotiate a mutually agreeable fee with everyone who has hired us.

Whether it is for a county show, village fete, or a local school, we take pride in the authenticity and entertainment value of our displays. Events can be individually tailored to your needs, offering a professional commentary and fully scripted battles.

Please contact us to discuss your event requirements without any obligation to engage us.

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Film, TV, Promotions & Advertising

Our members are experienced in working in film and TV as well as promotional work and advertising. Our warriors are fully trained and we promise you a completely professional approach with none of the “politics” that sometimes comes as baggage with other re-enactment groups.

As well as providing experienced extras, we can offer training in realistic staged fighting for your actors, extras and stunt people and teach them to look and behave like warriors, nobles or peasants of the period when on camera or stage, saving you, time, money and resources.

Hildsvin with Archaeologist, & Television personality, Julian Richards

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