The Original History Boars!


Hildsvin represents both Anglo-Saxon and Viking warrior classes of the era, from the Lord (Eorl in Old English, or Jarl in old Norse) to the peasant serving in the defence of his homeland. On the arena we are authentically dressed and armed. You will see us wearing an assortment of helmets, Maille (chain mail), & using swords, spears (long and short), hand axes, and Broad Axes. We fight using authentically recreated battle tactics and fighting techniques so you see us go into battle just as our ancestors did.

Join Hildsvin in Combat

As a member you aren’t limited to only participating in combat. Many of our members, if not most, take part in all aspects of early mediaeval life. When returning from the battlefield the warriors participate in the games and activities that the original Viking and Anglo Saxon warriors engaged in.

Our warriors train regularly away from public events so we can stage re-enactments that provide a thrilling interpretation of Dark Age warfare in a controlled, dramatic and safe environment. Combat is open to both men & women aged 18 and over. The initial training is based around passing the Basic Safety Test to ensure that you go onto the battlefield with the knowledge and skill to enjoy yourself  and fight safely . When your confidence grows you can move onto advanced training in handling a variety of weapons and fighting techniques such as Display Fighting, Long Spear, Broad Axe, etc.

If you are interested in joining Hildsvin or want you want to find out more about us then get in touch. There is a form on our Contacts page which you can use to email us.

Hildsvin Combat

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