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Living History

Combat creates the excitement, but Living History brings the period to life. Both adults and children have the opportunity to learn about and experience the history and domestic life of our Dark Age past in an enjoyable and exciting manner.

At an event we endeavour to recreate a typical working Anglo Saxon or Viking village. You will see many of the daily activities of Dark Age life being carried out.

We accurately recreate the arts and crafts of our Anglo-Saxon and Viking ancestors. Tablet weaving, weighted loom weaving, spindles, making clothes, dyeing using the natural dyes and processes that were used, carpenters, wood carvers, metal & leather workers, a leaded glass worker, a working kitchen, traders and more all figure in our Living History village.

Join Hildsvin’s Living History

As a member you aren’t limited to only participating in Living History. Many of our members, if not most, take part in all aspects of early mediaeval life. There is a wealth of knowledge available in the group and new members discover that we are happy to share it with them. Our Authenticity Officer is also a senior member of the the Vikings Society Authenticity team and is always available to refer to for information and advice.

You can be, and do, whatever you want in the Hildsvin encampment. Our objective is to authentically recreate early mediaeval village life. You may want to research and recreate a specific aspect of the era or participate in one of the existing activities, the choice is yours.

To help new members get started there is often spare kit available to borrow, as well as advice on making or buying your own clothing. On long dark winter nights many a tough warrior with fingers like hams are just as likely to be spied through curtains embroidering their Kirtles (tunics) as maintaining their armoury.

If you are interested in joining Hildsvin or want you want to find out more then get in touch with us. There is a form on our Contacts page which you can use to email us.

Hildsvin Living History

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